Talk less smile more face mask

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Just curious why you changed your position Joe. You and Obama locked up and separated many children and deported many illegals. You forget or just lying and looking for votes? When Obama, Biden was in office you both separated illegals from their families . no mention of it happening about either of them no media reported it. Talk less smile more face mask. Democrats love hiding these things from people.But when Trump does it it racist.When Obama Separated families for 8 years without thinking up any plans for Illegals .all lies from Joe Biden now.

Talk less smile more face mask

Talk less smile more face mask - detail
face mask – detail

Where you got a lot on your list for the first day you’re going to lift the travel ban from these homegrown terrorist countries that don’t vet their passengers that was the day after Hillary Handed you two million bucks from the Muslim brotherhood, you plan on taking our guns oh, and you’re going to let illegals become legal citizens all the first day ,man what a leader. Talk less smile more face mask. And you blab some s*** about you would stop the virus if you’re elected first day. You certainly got my vote LOL not in a million years. If the Dems do away with the electoral college, no current citizen who doesn’t live in a major city like NYC, Chicago, LA, etc will have a voice anyway! So why bother giving DACA any citizenship when they won’t be heard like those in our middle or southern or mountain states

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