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Eric Folmer it’s such a joke. Tennessee titans face mask. Why don’t they report how dramatically the mortality rate is dropping?

Tennessee titans face mask

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face mask – pic 1

Correlation there??? Bingo. It’s really not the end of the world. By the way, people have immune systems for a reason. But, this what happens when everybody get’s a trophy. Instead of just face masks, why don’t you all full body bubble wrap. If your immune compromised or elderly, you should take extra caution, that’s why when we were kids we didn’t visit grandma when we were sick. Now, that’s out the window along with all sense, just look at New York. Tennessee titans face mask. That idiot literally mandated that not only the old folks homes take COVID patients, but the infected nurses are allowed to work. It’s sad. This is liberalism. they actually do help. Washing hands social distancing plus staying home helps especially if you won’t listen to the doctors nor follow the guidelines. How about an experiment with two groups of people spending the day together in two different rooms. In one room, logical people would keep their distance and wear masks the whole time. In the second room you and a bunch of like minded people would crowd in and have a party with no masks or distancing. Wait two weeks and see what happens. The results will either prove or disprove your theory. Eric Folmer another non medical expert trying to provide medical advice. You sound like you inject disinfectants. Medical health workers have been wearing masks for many years to reduce contamination. Were you living under a rock?

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