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If others would have worn masks, there would be less patients, there by less exposure. Tennessee proud hawaiian shirt. She has zero proof her mom would be alive in the pandemic.

Tennessee proud hawaiian shirt

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She works in frontine. She is at high exposure. Her response is emotional not scientific. I’m trying to follow that comment you just made but I guess you’re right in the way. Tennessee proud hawaiian shirt. Goes to show the level of ignorance when it comes to masks: the greatest protection comes from those infected wearing it, so we must all do it, because otherwise it doesn’t work. I’m sure she was wearing one, but that gives very little protection. Again, this comment is not only insensitive, it also shows a total lack of understanding of what has been explained over and over by health authorities. He isn’t trying to go see none of his handy work first hand, as long as he doesn’t see it it’s not happening to him….. I’m talking about from the very beginning, maybe you were not paying attention, but yes they recommended against masks and so did WHO, and most news stations, only GMA actually said they regretted it. How would she be alive? If she just stayed away from people with masks she could be alive too, you can’t always push blame. I wear my mask but I still stay away from people who don’t and I wash my hands. the failure of a mask mandate led to increased hospitalizations. She was a respiratory therapist so she was inundated with covid patients. More masks mean less spread. Less spread means less hospitalizations and less patients that rely on a respiratory therapist to keep them alive. It’s not rocket science.

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