Texans This is my ugly christmas sweater

Do you love it? Texans This is my ugly christmas sweater. Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.



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Jennifer Johnson. Cause the committed fraud asked voters to use sharpies instead of pens.. Lets hope The american people have voted that scary clown out!! But even if that hopefully happens, it’s still awfull so many people have voted for trump!!! How is this possible? So sad and weird!. What about all the sharpies that were used for the ballots? Texans This is my ugly christmas sweater. Did those get read?.

Texans This is my ugly christmas sweater

Texans This is my ugly christmas sweater- pic 1
sweater- pic 1

Beautiful!!!. Much better! And pleasant!. Beautiful. That’s pretty. A beautiful flag, Mississippi be proud!. Welcome to the 21st century. Good job.. That is a beautiful flag!. Idk how anyone could be mad about this they prob have one of the prettiest state flags there is right now !. Tracey Woody. the fact that people sad faced thiswow. Sara Helferich. Beautiful. Little victories . Beautiful flag. Now I wish we all got new pretty ones. This is definitely my favorite. Its beautiful. Love wins! Looks awesome!. LOVE IT!!!. Looks like charmin. Jennifer-Marie Losoya. 30 Now, you, kings and presidents and nobles of the earth, do you do that? You, African, American, European and Asian kings and presidents, know that one day, the dead and the living of all times will stand in judgment before God and Nebuchadnezzar wil… Texans This is my ugly christmas sweater. How can they declare Biden the winner with only 84% of the votes counted.. Thats because they are all coming over from Cali to make Arizona a shithole!!. not yet still counting votes in Arizona.. If Biden wins all restaurants and 95% all other businesses will be shut down for months. The economy will be destroyed, many will have to close their business, many more will lose their jobs, the stock market will crash, your 401k will melt away like … . Yeah. Everything just flipped overnight right? Open your eyes. This election is sooo fraudulent. AZ was called prematurely.. I think that Mr Biden will be declared the next president of the United States by nights end and I also think trump will do everything in his power to steal the victory. Nope….. Fox just announced theyre not gonna know the winner until this Friday…. so until then the state is still red…… They still have a lot of ballots to count. It just shows you people didn’t like him calling Maccain a loser. I’m glad they are standing with Cindy and how it should be. You can’t just call people’s name and get away with it. I noticed they call a lot before votes are completely counted. They gave Biden Arizona and took it back. Fox said there was some fraud with someone.

Do you love it? Texans This is my ugly christmas sweater. Available in more style, buy it today before we sell out.

Still counting and what about the citizens that aren’t being considered? That’s unfair! Count every legal voter!. That what Trump gets for being so disrespectful to McCain!. Hold your horses! All the votes aren’t in!!!

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