Texas Rangers I’m Groot Tumbler

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Megan I know ! Texas Rangers I’m Groot Tumbler. Make a wish was sending our family April 1st and I don’t have the heart to tell my daughter we aren’t going now we are so disappointed and sad.

Texas Rangers I’m Groot Tumbler

Texas Rangers I'm Groot Tumbler- 20 oz
Tumbler- 20 oz

I didn’t assume that you meant that. Texas Rangers I’m Groot Tumbler. I was sincere when I said that I understand that you are disappointed and that you have every right to feel that way. I know it’s hard to convey meaning in a social media post but I would like you to know that everything I said I meant with sincerity. I am also disappointed. I think we probably all are in one way or another. I actually don’t think your reaction was selfish, it’s normal to be disappointed. I had a trip to Miami that I can’t go on and I’m super bummed about that too! I get it. But it’s the people who don’t understand why these things are canceled that have broken my heart. Because if any of them took a step back or if it was the possibility of themselves being severely affected they would feel differently. I truly hope your son gets his birthday celebration at Disney. It’s my favorite place in the world and I hope to be able to safely go there myself in a few weeks or months. So sorry to hear about your trip. I was supposed to go to the phillipines for a two week vacation starting tomorrow and two family weddings, but my husband and I canceled since we have a baby. It just isn’t worth the risk for us. But still a bummer! And so we’re enjoying the pictures from our family that still decided to go (though not the same)!

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