Texas mandala hawaiian shirt

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Obama will actually go down along the other great and memorable Presidents of great strength and character, no scandals or criminals worked for his administration. Texas mandala hawaiian shirt. And he wasn’t impeached! Your lack of any facts speaks volume about your smarts.

Texas mandala hawaiian shirt

Texas mandala hawaiian shirt - detail
hawaiian shirt – detail

Trump gave tax breaks to the rich, he stole congressionally approved funds to build a wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for, he has put in a zero tolerance policy at the border with kids locked in cages and separated from their parents and has stolen taxpayer money to line his own pockets numerous times. Texas mandala hawaiian shirt. He will go down as the worst president in modern history and when he’s finally thrown out of the White House, the feds will tear him apart for the numerous crimes he’s committed. Trump doesn’t care about you or the rest of this country regardless of how many die from COVID-19. He’s only interested in money and himself as a narcissist. You’re just another brainwashed sheep in the cult.

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