Thanksgiving Jive Turkey shirt, longsleeve tee and sweatshirt

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Anne Mulcahy yes a cult that has 63 million members…that stand behind a dully elected president…and you belong to the worst cult…the brainwashed worthless liberal dems who by the way looked like the fools they get ready for 4 more years. Thanksgiving Jive Turkey. The president will never be impeached.

Thanksgiving Jive Turkey

Thanksgiving Jive Turkey sweatshirt
Thanksgiving Jive Turkey longsleeve tee
longsleeve tee
Thanksgiving Jive Turkey hoodie

Once it goes to the Senate where everything can be revived it will not pass there is 0% chance of the president being impeached! This is all the political stunt a little over a year out of an election is the only reason the Dems are doing this. Because they can’t debate the president on the accomplishments the last 2 and 1/2 years stop. Over 3 years now, not 1 thing has been proven, not 1 Demtard has been right about anything. Not 1 thing will be proven. What’s next? Thanksgiving Jive Turkey. Trump stold a pack of gum at age 9? Its hilarious how he makes fools out of you. Well, imbecile, the criminals wanted to have the whistle-blower called as a witness. A ther eis no point, the impeachment has a life of its own b) there are protections – protections to ensure that criminals can’t have witnesses disappear. It’s all a red herring: Witness plants the seed, the seed grows into a plant – no seed needed. I tried to explain it for simple people, did you understand ? Trump worshipers are a deranged lot that enjoy fighting for the Billionaire Class and actively give up their health, hard earned cash, justice, retirement. Anne Mulcahy And they are so stupid they keep giving this “fake “billionaire” presidunce more money so he can keep lining his own pockets and buying more properties.

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