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Earth Day is something great to celebrate because we only have one planet Earth. It is our home and our children’s home! The National Parks belong to us and we must take care of them. Thank you President Obama for the post. We have to fight for sustainable development. Environmental protection is key in this fight. The Avengers End Game Poster. Can’t wait until a sane president respects Mother Earth again and reverses the insanity of the last three years.

The Avengers End Game Poster

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Poster – A2
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Poster – A3
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Poster – A4

A side benefit of the stay-at-home order to inhibit the spread of the COVID-19 is the sky above many smog-hidden cities has become clear for first time in decades. People should step out and see what the air should be before the air pollution once again fills their lungs and kills our planet. No president is perfect, but then we all have our flaws. The Avengers End Game Poster. However, you were tops in my book, President Obama! You are sorely missed. Thank you very much for this kind and well educated words. Everyday I‘m thinking of what you and your administration would have done in the corona pandemic. I can only guess by your 8 years in service as a president that it would have been a transparent communication on highest level of speaking, clear and straight informations with a strong and fair leader.

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