The beatles let it be cloth mask

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It’s now up to every American to Stop the Spread of Covid -19 by Wearing a Mask in Public, distancing while Wearing aMask, washing your hands and Staying Home! The beatles let it be cloth mask. Keep all Children Home because they don’t desire to Die for a person who wants to see how many will die without taking a shower.

The beatles let it be cloth mask

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mask- pic 1

So just to recap we have a president and his cult of supporters trying to spin it so that it’s actually a good thing that Florida alone is racking in more cases of a pandemic disease than any other country in the world right now. They claim we’re still winning. Gunner Blaskey maybe Trump should start listening to the people around him to try and solve this problem instead of focusing on things like the media, bubba wallace, and the confederate flag. The beatles let it be cloth mask. Why is it the countries that believe in their scientist and medical experts have seen a drastic decline in cases if not all together clear. Meanwhile we have a leader that thinks it will just go away on its own and most of his follewers think you can pray it away. every evil cult looks for people to sacrifice. This MF and them Republicans and MAGA followers are willing to spread sacrifice across the board no matter the race or men, woman and elderly. Racist have no bottom as they are already there. I bet lonnie didn’t even know what fake news was till idiot in chief lucked out and got elected and in the process ….messed up this whole country…. Yes true. He is leading but he is leading America into an abyss of covid19. We’ve had it bad in the UK but I feel so sorry for you all in the USA.

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