The Big Lebowski Car Sunshade

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Why doesn’t bunker-bot try being president for a day? He’s had three years to give it a shot and the only thing he’s done is divide the nation and make us look foolish around the world…with his “best brain” and bigly words. He’s an embarrassment. The media divides. The Big Lebowski Car Sunshade. Trump had the lowest historical unemployment rate on all Americans. Least war. And highest stock markets. Racisme, criminals and many more trouble comes from poverty and low income. So everything starts with a good economy

The Big Lebowski Car Sunshade

The Big Lebowski Car Sunshade - detail
Sunshade – detail

Thom Klint I accept that it’s time to stop murdering us and if that means risking our lives thru protesting than so be it! Either way we may not survive…driving while black or waking thru the pandemic…what do we have to lose? By the way, your logic says all protesters are looter…that your erroneous thinking kicking in. The Big Lebowski Car Sunshade. But I don’t expect you to get it…this is not a daily struggle for you. You have the option to stand behind white privilege. I won’t further discuss with anyone who needs statistics to tell them what the systemic issue are that unfold right before our faces. You know what you can do with your statistics. Then I suppose it’s been going on for many years. You guys in de US had a black president. Why didn’t he do anything? I think that if it’s true is to blame on previous president’s. Democrat and republican. You finally have a president who actually does something. But the media hates him. You must see this. It’s them that divide people.

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