The Blues Brothers Poster

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Thousands of British manufactured “thoughts and prayers” will be distributed to call centre workers in lieu of equipment for decontamination, PPE or training. The Blues Brothers Poster. Perhaps they gave the gloves and masks to the doctors and nurses rather than wearing them in a call center.

The Blues Brothers Poster

The Blues Brothers Poster - A3
Poster – A3
The Blues Brothers Poster - A2
Poster – A2
The Blues Brothers Poster - A1
Poster – A1

Yh they shouldn’t be crushed together but gloves and masks. The Blues Brothers Poster. Sounds bit made up to me. The Tory Party spent the past decade sabotaging the NHS and now this is one of the consequences. You get what you vote for, elections have consequences. no gloves and mask in a call center. You do know its over the phone they’re not dealing with people that think they’ve got the virus face to face. The entire NHS is underfunded and struggling to deal with this. A decade of deliberately starving the NHS for funding has consequences. Taiwanese government should sue BBC for the untruth story BBC reported. I can’t wait to see BBC lost credibility. Shame on you! This pandemic its ending in Jesus Christ name… Just like the way its started that’s the way its ending… Believe in God, only him has the answer because his the covenant keeping God. 111 go through a check list depending on your score they’ll say call your gp or call an ambulance. Theyre not medicaly trained and don’t give advice. 45 doctors have died in Italy in the war against this virus. Heros. Governments get real and get your fingers out. Instead of protecting the priveledged. “This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil”.

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