The Rolling Stones Face Mask

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Millennials that have seen and envisioned the progress of globalization. The Rolling Stones Face Mask. But yet seen our world recess and turning into pets with the new norm being extrovert and hostile as a means of protection.

The Rolling Stones Face Mask

The Rolling Stones Face Mask- pic 1
Mask- pic 1

Drink more Alcohol. Homeless people that are in the most intricate situations and of the most vulnerable state but most neglected. The Rolling Stones Face Mask. Being homeless and also unprepared to combat Covid19 is a death sentence. Lament the cruelty of this world with more Alcohol. Nurses that are considered essential workers but left vulnerable with limited protective equipment and limited incentives as corporations. Drink a lot of alcohol and keep fighting for humanity. Black people whose vulnerabilities and economic and social inequalities to their white counterparts have been exposed by the statistics of deaths in this outbreak. Drink and realize how unjust, unfair, and unequal society is! Keep fighting for equal opportunities. International students from poor countries but possessing huge dreams plaque by the virus far from home but left out of stimulus packages since their contribution and existence are ignored. International Students that are asked to transform to transition to bury learning but yet from limited technological countries possessing no skills or computer literacy. Drink and lament alone! Death is never very far from any of us. Perhaps since I faced cancer a few years ago I’m more able to stay calm now. I am also very glad to be single and not to have family drama to deal with at this time. You appreciate what you do have now, perhaps things you’ve taken for granted, and love life with all your heart.

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