The Imperial Black Cat Rug

Do you love it? The Imperial Black Cat Rug. Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.



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Instead of responding to protect the United States from the latest Russian attack. The Imperial Black Cat Rug. Trump responded by firing the Director of National Intelligence who sounded the alarm and replaced him with a loyalist with no national security experience.

The Imperial Black Cat Rug

The Imperial Black Cat Rug- small
Rug- small
The Imperial Black Cat Rug- medium
Rug- medium
The Imperial Black Cat Rug- large
Rug- large

Can we get to the more interesting Q stuff. This politics crap is so redundant. I can’t believe we’re re-running the Russia storyline. Fox News is propaganda station. He berated people who spoke truth and worked there. Bret Beir and Lou Dobbs. He speaks Sean Hannity daily. Is this the president of the free world? The Imperial Black Cat Rug. Ben Hoger you really sound like a dimwit.. you come on here as a trump hater insulting him and telling lies and then call us names. We don’t do the klan meeting that ‘s what pelosi and your buddies do behind closed doors instead of working for AMERICANS. heck i see it’s so important to you that you even capitalize it. Yep, there is that Q-Anon-Deep-State-Reptilian-overlords conspiracy. Boy, Trump sure has done so much to put so many of those deep staters in prison, huh? Three years and counting, wow, the prisons must be so full of them by now oh where will we put all the rest? Maybe we will banish them deep staters to the other side of that flat-earth-ice-wall you all talk about. Trump would like to run against Bernie. He is upset that it was leaked by the DNC. They want Bernie out. Bloomberg is their choice nominee but Bernie won’t go away. How can they pick Mini Mike when Bernie is winning?

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