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It was a hard fought race. The numbers were close. It’s not like John Bell Edward had a landslide victory or a direct mandate from the people. It came down to the two major cities – New Orleans and Baton Rouge deciding the election. The turnout for the race was pretty good at around 50% in my area. So far there has not been any whining about the outcome we are pretty reasonable here. The Legend of Zelda Quilt. Only thing I heard complaints about was the mud-slinging back and forth. Democrat John Bel Edwards was declared the Winner of the governor’s race in Louisiana, powering Democrats to victory in the final major election of 2019!

The Legend of Zelda Quilt

The Legend of Zelda Quilt-King
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In addition to Gov. Edwards’ big win, Democrats also Flipped a Trump-won district on their way to blocking a GOP supermajority in the state House. This marks the second consecutive election in which Donald Trump’s very presence appears to have Backfired on his Republican allies even in the reddest corners of the nation.   It was shady. Louisiana has a voter Id law. Just Friday I saw the Orleans parish registrar of voter on tv telling folks If you dont have an id don’t let it stop you you can sign an affidavit. I voted early last week in my parish and certainly had to provide my driver’s license. You choose the vowel), to win the governorship in blood red KY and hold the governorship in blood red LA, respectively, and this despite Donald Dump battling for their Republicnt opponents in states he won by wide margins. The Legend of Zelda Quilt. Remember, Sonny, sometimes the sun shines even on a dog’s ass, and Dump has had his day in the sun. So republicans won a super majority in the house and senate in Louisiana won all down ballot races yet the dem governor gets re-elected well my friend who lives there said African Americans were paid $100 to go vote for him..

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