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In fact they distributed more than they received! The Lions Make Me Drink. If he wanted to steal from a charity, he wouldn’t have donated almost 2 million in Presidential salary to charities every quarter.

The Lions Make Me Drink

The Lions Make Me Drink v-neck
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Seems money is all that matters to Trump and many of his supporters. Who started the DOW on its upward climb for which Trump takes all the credit? At the rate he’s going Trump will surpass what Obama added to the national debt. At least Obama had a good reason – to save us from a full blown depression. Trump is doing it to inflate the DOW which makes him look good. The Lions Make Me Drink. Do you know how many times he had to declare bankruptcy? Who’s going to pay for all that debt? Not Donald. When he’s out of office he’ll still be a billionaire and won’t care what damage he did. Democrats will have to bail the country out… again. Was not never was it was HB1 to get visas workers illegals received government jobs for speaking Spanish . Media lied. He plays golf every chance he gets, Does whatever he wants whenever. Spends all day on Twitter. Doesn’t get anything for melania for her birthday or Christmas. Never mentions his son Barron. You are in a fantasy world! A blessed and happy Christmas to all and to those who have an empty chair at their table,those of us who share that loss of our loved ones also share your grief and pray for your peace in the new year knowing we will see them again in Gods everlasting heaven. Merry Chrismas and Happy Hanukkah. If anyone read this message, i want to tell that my parents were american citizens.

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