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Yes. The GOP is a hostile force within the government seeking to subvert democratic governance in the United States. If the Democrats don’t unite around the For The People Act, the Congress is likely to turn over to the GOP at the midterm election due to all of the various legislation being enacted at the State level to prevent people from voting. The filibuster needs to be “consigned to the ash heap of history”. Trump is the Republican Party now. Best to recognize that reality and act on it.. Gretchen Bergman The Nightmare Before Christmas Premium Throw Blanket True, Republican leaders have made it plain- they will not vote for any of Biden’s and his team’s policies going forward. And, as far as I can tell, their own voters have blinders on and think they can do no wrong, and so their behavior will continue. … See More. Republicans have no interest in reaching across the isle for uniting the American states.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Premium Throw Blanket

Nailed it. If McConnell and the Republicans were serious about bipartisanship, THAT would be a different story.. So basically, the Republicans are taking their marbles and going home? In that case, they should not be receiving a paycheck for not showing up to do their job.. We have a good degree of bipartisanship with the American people who overwhelmingly support what the democrats are doing. Who cares about the dinosaur, obstructionist republican congress? We have bipartisanship without them.. Republicans couldn’t write a bill that helps the American people and not the rich to save their life. The infrastructure plan will create a huge number of jobs as well as making it possible for lots of parents of preschool kids to look for work as well. Spending government money to create jobs is as old as the programs that took us out of the depression certainly the increased extreme weather and the dwindling of fossil fuels presents a chance to meaningfully employ most those who are unemployed or underemployed. The Nightmare Before Christmas Premium Throw Blanket

The Nightmare Before Christmas Premium Throw Blanket

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