The rolling stones hawaiian shirt

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It’s not about police gassing peaceful protesters for a Trump photo op holding a bible upside bible it’s about police reform and making them accountable. So, Trump has no answers and continues to be on the wrong side of history. All those Elitists were chummy with him, but then child molesters are charming people. The rolling stones hawaiian shirt. Am I the only one that’s noticed that Epstein was only chummy with these guys that had little girls? Trump, Clinton, Andrew they were so clueless. Epstein even loaned money to Sarah Ferguson Duchess of York to try to be friends with her too.

The rolling stones hawaiian shirt

The rolling stones hawaiian shirt - detail
The rolling stones hawaiian shirt – detail

Also, no one is withdrawing support from police departments that are exemplary or policemen who perform their jobs in an exemplary manner. But something within these departments has to give. The situation has become untenable. The rolling stones hawaiian shirt.It’s unfortunate that you aren’t smart enough to know that when rioters come near the white house the protocol for the secret service is to take the president to a safe area. He was there for approx a minute and a half and you liberal nut jobs act like he was there for days. Grow up and hope no president has to go there. If you really believe that Trump is anyone’s best option then you are not up on current events or you just don’t care.

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