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I’ve never seen such disrespect towards an American President in my whole life. I’m absolutely embarrassed by the actions of others in how they speak about you, and to you. You are our President. With that you deserve respect. You have also been one the best Presidents in history. The room where it happens poster.  Bringing back jobs, eradicating senseless laws and signing ones into effect that made sense. I like that you don’t just stand there and tell people what you think they want to hear. You say exactly what you think, and don’t care if namby pamby whiners get their feelers hurt because you don’t censor yourself. Id rather have someone speak Honestly than someone who just lies to get elected.

The room where it happens poster

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Disgusting what they get away with saying constant lies. I wish we had more of the RNC every week Learned so much about what was being done in this country shame on these people who are not paying attention. The minute I read that “Fake news” I knew it was just that “fake news” I know how you feel about our military and veterans. The room where it happens poster. I stood up for you. Prayers for you and your staff. We know you would never say that! The people that know what an excellent man you are, won’t be persuaded by what the fake media can ever say about you Mr President. I lived in AZ and I know some of the people who personally worked with McCain and they say he was mean. I never liked his politics as he was a self serving pos and his legacy is spoiled because he lied and colluded with Hillary to bring down democracy. Short on temper too. McCain was the king of RINO’s and will always remain a bitter loser in the history books.

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