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No one stopped him, and he even bragged about it. The Golden Girls Salad Days. Now isn’t time to place blame on anyone but the POTUS.

The Golden Girls Salad Days

The Golden Girls Salad Days sweatshirt
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The buck stops with him. The Golden Girls Salad Days. I’m sure you agreed with Obama, when he said this, and took full responsibility for his failures. Why should Trump be exempt? he prevented non citizens that had been in China for the last 14 days from entering. Nothing prevented citizens from traveling back and forth to China. And the first known case in the United States was a citizen returning from China. So it’s not any Democrat’s fault. The fact is, we weren’t going to keep this out. What should have been done is preparation. And it wasn’t done. you do realize community transmission started as early as October in Wuhan. 1000s of people came back and spread this November/December. Ton of ppl had these symptoms in December and were sick multiple times. I seen ton of people saying the exact same thing online. you weren’t mad when Obama was giving billions to Iran . That was fine . Or when he was separating immigrant families from each other. That was fine when he did it but not trump. You’re just a hypocrit. Obama took months to handle swine flu . And I can believe that? It’s not a belief it’s facts ! Which you democrats tend to run away from. such a lie buddy Obama acted after 11 days, following his top health advisers advice, instead of downplaying and contradicting them. Obama gave them back their own money frozen back when they took the hostages.

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