The Wall Vietnam Veterans Poster

Do you love it? The Wall Vietnam Veterans Poster. Available in more style, buy it today before lose it forever.



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Ernest Stripling right? The Wall Vietnam Veterans Poster. What race is always asking for money at the freeway on ramps?

The Wall Vietnam Veterans Poster

The Wall Vietnam Veterans Poster - A4
Poster – A4
The Wall Vietnam Veterans Poster - A2
Poster – A2
The Wall Vietnam Veterans Poster - A1
Poster – A1

It ain’t illegals I’ll tell you that much. Rozah Lee you are absolutely correct and it’s appalling the amount of people in this thread believe the propaganda. Who do you want ? Crooked Hillary, criminal Biden , crazy Bernie , who ? Democrats are desperate losers and it shows ! It’s protecting America…it is allowing us to allow people over here that can contribute to our country…The Wall Vietnam Veterans Poster. Almost every other country does this as well but no one days a word. I’ve met worked 60+ hours a week and paid into a system they couldn’t draw from until they got citizenship, a few years back there was “A day without a Mexican” where no immigrant showed up to work, it was hilarious watching “management” try to run a restaurant with menus in front of them because they hadn’t memorized the menu in 10+ years, the workers all had families to support and sent money back home to make sure their families could eat, if that’s not striving for the American dream then i don’t recognize “The American dream” anymore. Adrienne Chapman “Kim Dopko so can we deport all the poor Americans that are drags on society?? Asking for a republican. You might note that those poor Americans of whom you speak are natural born citizens. You mean destroying and plundering their countries for decades and not taking on their refugees? True, because we, in certain european countries, have to provide refuge for your victims….but hey, someone has to help them, right?

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