There’s no such thing as too many books poster

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Gregor DunnyI love how all of a sudden Elon Musk is enemy. Created hundreds of thousands of jobs. Made NASA look like amateurs now they partnered with his space program, took all the same grants and money that GMC, Ford, Chevy took but already paid it back ear… See More14 . Cameron MaHarreyGoin after Elon? I find that in poor taste when all he is trying to do is better us as a species. The boring company,starlink,and Tesla are just 3 huge things he is doing for us…IMO he’s doing it right by reinvesting in humanity.2 . Jacob MarshLiberals – “we should have electric car subsidies to switch over to sustainable vehicles” Also Liberals – “why is Elon Musk so rich?”… See More5 . Shawn LohayI agree. There ought to be a wealth cap, and a mandate to reinvest some excess profits in employee wages. 9 . Patsy Colson SoderbergI don’t resent people for getting a lot of money. I do believe that measures should be instituted to prevent them or ANYONE from controling our financial & political life! We the people should not be prevented from determining our financial & political… See More3  There’s no such thing as too many books poster

There’s no such thing as too many books poster

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There’s no such thing as too many books poster 2
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Adrian Lehman-Sizemorewe all know it should be closer to 27 dollars an hour which would raise wages across the board! i love bernie and support him but 15 was good in 1995 and maybe, just maybe 15 is a starting point cause i have not heard how we move on from 15 to what it … See More6 . Larry FlemingYou are going to screw over the retirees on SS or fixed income. how about instead you try to curb inflation to help everyone.3 . Jim McDanielWhen has Bernie ever been on the wrong side of history???3 . Jim SannarAnyone who challenges the $15 does not understand the concept of inflation. Inflation is a normal and necessary process. Keeping it at a reasonable level is the problem. $15 is long overdue5 . Darlene Ross KeyBernie, We still have to do something about the drug companies. They are making a killing off of everyday people. $100.00 a pill for Nexium. I can not afford it on Social Security and Medicare will not help pay for it. Generic does not help me at all. … See More10  There’s no such thing as too many books poster

There’s no such thing as too many books poster

Jean Hanson OstromSomething people seldom talk about is all those who have jobs requiring training and responsibility that only make $12. or $13. per hour. Their employers feel justified in keeping them there, because they’re “much better” than minimum wage. These fol… See More15 . Adrian SimoToday $24 is truly the minimum wage. $15 is the number politicians find palatable.13 . Andre AstabieWhat’s new? Bernie is always on the right side of history. I would lol never understand how people still can’t see this. 9 . Leslie RederIncreasing minimum wage must come w universal healthcare otherwise people will make just enuf to get kicked off their Medicaid and snap. A $15 minimum wage without it would actually mean less money in people’s pockets becuz they’ll be paying out the as… See More6 . Karl BonnerPrimary challenges to any Democratic Senator who opposes a $15 minimum wage.6 . Chad M KibbeBernie but will raising minimum wage increase the price of everything else??? That’s what we would really like to know???3

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