They don’t know that we know face mask

Do you want it? They don’t know that we know face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before lose it forever.



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You are confused an lost because you you’re party has failed yo keep promises for 60 yrs . They don’t know that we know face mask. Biden has been in office stuffing his pockets for 50 of them and.

They don’t know that we know face mask

They don't know that we know face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

James Boyle it’s so sad that the news doesn’t report the news. They report the opinion they are paid to share in order to lead the blind. No such thing as responsible journalism anymore. They don’t know that we know face mask. He stated the truth which goes against the Liberal war chant to ban guns. That school district followed the Obama rules to not report threats or criminal acts on school grounds to boost Obama’s school safety program. That kid threatened to RAPE, MURDER and BLOW UP the school and the never reported it or threw him out of that school. Those days will return if Nancy Sanders and any Democrat us allowed to make or laws. actual the Dems are using all these children as a political weapon against legal gun owners. Biden doesn’t even want to hear it if the are Black and from Chicago or NY or Baltimore ! Unless of course a cop is involved. Then he is all over it before and investigation is even done. Just like his old boss used to be. Guess you don’t want to talk about the orange imbeciles word salad. Thailand and Yosemite. No such thing as gun violence, its just violence and criminals, stop labeling and using propaganda to promote your narrative in stripping away 2nd amendment rights. so if guns dont kill people, we should get rid of the people then – but do we wait till they kill someone?

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