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You aren’t comfortable speaking with people that disagree and can form rebuttals against your arguments. Thick girls taste better face mask. You just want to be around people that will nod their heads in agreement and never challenge your implicit biases.

Thick girls taste better face mask

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face mask- pic 1

I saw a dude with a knife out trying to get into his car for who knows what , you need to ride along with the cops and YOU make the call! I dare you do it . Thick girls taste better face mask. Evidence. If you’re up against police officers, you must present. I’ve met many that are liars and abuse their power. Smh, yes on videos! Doesn’t seem to be a case for the police when one of their own guys shoots some kids dad 7 times in the back. By all accounts he’s not going to come out of it good, don’t know how anyone can excuse behaviour such as shooting someone in the back, cowardly! John Knowles pretty easy. If you physically fight police and then go reaching in your vehicle, that looks sketchy. How do you know he didnt have a gun on the seat? It’s not the showing of videos. It’s the media’s, CNN at the top, desicion to only show the most damning parts. Full video of the Floyd shooting tells a completely different story, but CNN and the rest of the liberal media won’t use it. The same thing happened in Ferguson, Missouri. And the latest in Wisconsin no one is showing what happened before the shooting. Even when video proves that the police were justified CNN and the liberal media continue to tow the Democrat line that says all cops are bad and racist.

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