Things i do in my spare time bourbon mug

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I just wish that back in the day that Kourtney and Scott would have made better decisions. That she would have realized that he was so much younger and more immature. He was young and drinking too much and they had too much unprotected sex. He told her time after time he wasn’t ready for more kids (his fault too). Things i do in my spare time bourbon mug Now he is older and has matured and is a great dad. And she is fooling around with his feelings. I wish the best for both. And their babies.. Janelle Holmes. Probably best for the straight women out there.. I was so wondering about this! Thank you God! I can rest easy tonight . I’m so glad to hear this. I don’t think I’d be able to sleep tonight otherwise.. Of course not hes too busy going on vacations with Kourt . Scott Disick good. Take time for yourself and the kids. Plus get back with Kourtney and this time put a ring on it.

Things i do in my spare time bourbon mug

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Well, in my opinion, she has ran her course. Ive always liked Chelsea. She went through a lot with Aubrey’s father. Glad her life has changed for the better. I wish them well.. She is my favorite on the show going to miss seeing her.. The best one on the show! Will miss the family. She is my favorite l wont be watching any more.. Iam going to miss that family . Things i do in my spare time bourbon mug. Ahhhh I enjoyed watching her. She my favorite. CJ Cannon. Good for them. That’s a good thing. On to new endeavors.. The best of luck to you and your family.. Well she’s not a teen mom anymore. Good for her. I think they should all do the same. Everyone has 2+ kids, homes, businesses etc. Its time to cancel or start with new people. . She is the Only one of those NOT Teens” women who has any Class and Intelligence.Best of Luck in the future Chelsea!! She has always been a favorite and her life is how it was supposed to turn out. Not like some of them who kept having kid after kid with numerous fathers. Congratulations. Happy she met Cole and finally got her happily ever after!. She’s my favorite aside from Maci. I feel like her story is coming to an end. Aubree is growing up, she has little ones, found her soulmate and is moving on.. I hate this they should give her an maci their own show abt being teen mom’s n overcoming it all into business women.

Do you love it? Things i do in my spare time bourbon mug. Buy it today before we sell out.

She was always my favorite. Cole is a great husband and a fantastic Dad to all his kids, especially Aubree. Time to move on. Wish them love & happiness always.. So sad she is by far my favorite! I love how much Cole loves her and Aubrey. They really are such a great little family.. Glad to see her and her lovely family move on.

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