This is bullshit 3d face mask

Do you love it? This is bullshit 3d face mask. Buy it today before we sell out.



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I actually appreciate you being so nice as to point out what I should have read before commenting. I’m learning!!’ This is bullshit 3d face mask. Lol In through the nose out through the mouth….. What?

This is bullshit 3d face mask

This is bullshit 3d face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

A Republican with common sense? Say it ain’t so!!! But why is it taking so long for them to come out with reality instead of letting their leader spill out lies everyday!! Because reality is literally knocking on their door step. This is bullshit 3d face mask. It’s sad that it took so long and many of their constituents to get sick or die for (some of) them to wake up and realize just how serious this is. Actually, at this point, no one should listen or take seriously anything a Republican has to say, it’s just a pile of garbage, there is no way I can take a republican seriously anymore, and Trump made sure of that. This guy actually made the argument to mask up and socail distance. You can’t just blindly hate all Republicans…i assume some of them are good people. you were never a Republican at all. You were born from another country and decided to come here? Why? Thanks for being another hater instead. people please read. It reads ” destroying the argument that everyone should just get Covid-19 now so that we build up a herd immunity”. Do not have a preassumption (lighter word for prejudice) that “Republican” and Covid-19″ in the same sentence equals “no mask” or “this virus is fake”. Lol man….these days I just read comments or watch the news and laugh. Donald Trump really brought out all the stupidity that exist in America in full force. Its entertaining really….waw.

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