This is the way face mask

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The antibodies of recovered patients are gone in 2-3 patients. This is the way face mask. Plus the less of an infection, fewer antibodies to start.

This is the way face mask

This is the way face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

God also gave us science to understand his creation. Not trusting in science is not trusting in God. If you don’t want to take a vaccine that’s fine. Why be so sarcastic and critical though? I want a vaccine myself, because there are drug shortages as far as the cure goes, and plasma isn’t always an option. I’m happy if others feel differently though, and will not say negative things if people refuse it. It just increases my chances of being able to receive it sooner. This is the way face mask. It is available in the US, but it’s not recommended for covid19 treatment. In the US it’s approved to treat rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus. Children have died from it. One child is one to many. Do you agree? And, I suppose we shall see in a few weeks. did you see the whole video ?? They invite doctor fauci basically to prove them wrong. Also more children die by flu than covid . Also this is happening around the world , brave doctor’s speaking out to save lives . This just a few, Germany, Spain, Colombia, Bolivia etc etc . But the media is silence about … they have a different narrative. Please people research Dr. Fauci! What is Dr. Fauci connection with Modern? What was Dr Fauci connection with the AIDS virus? Fauci was the first person said Mask won’t work! It would be a big game changer if he did not say that!

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