This mask is useless face mask

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I am starting to question in my hometown as to what’s going on with this testing. This mask is useless face mask. Some people here decided not to take the test and received a phone call that their test was positive. They told them they didn’t take the test and they said that they would call right back. But never did. What is going on with this area and other areas that I’ve heard With the same issues.

This mask is useless face mask

This mask is useless face mask - detail
face mask – detail

He didn’t say that perhaps you should ingest disinfectant for sure Patrick. This mask is useless face mask. There have been so many moronic statements by him that I can imagine you would forget. How about using nuclear weapons to stop hurricanes from forming do you remember that one. Why did anyone expect D-Ump would be good at anything?? we saw the writing on the wall when he abandoned a venture in Baja after many retired and near retired folk invested their life savings and were left with nothing… to this day… nothing from way back in 2006. He cannot control it ,so he has washed his hands of it and moved on. He doesn’t care about you and me,all he cares about is Himself and his stock market.

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