Tiger king face mask

Do you want it? Tiger king face mask. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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So you can’t list tRumps, but you want me to list that President Obama got us out of a recession, lowered the deficit, ACA. Tiger king face mask. Now your turn, I’ll wait!

Tiger king face mask

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Spare me the lies that I’m sure you will repeat but we know he was given reports back in November that the pandemic was going to be bad. Had started planning then, it is likely things would not have gotten this bad. Do you know why he didn’t? Numbers it was all about numbers. He continued to hold rallies and play golf all the way up until March. He tried to hold a ship at bay rather than let the people come ashore to be quarantined because of the “numbers”. Yes he said that. Tiger king face mask. Now as far as your earlier remark about accomplishments, Obama took office in 2009 right at the beginning of the recession. When he left, unemployment was at 4.75%, the stock market was the highest it had ever been. Now if you know even simple economics, you should be smart enough to figure out that the economy that Trump started with was 100% better than the one Obama did. So other than raising the stock market even higher, tell me something that Trump has actually done himself for the economy. allowed a pandemic to run rampant in the united states , close to 100,000 Americans dead , worst unemployment rate ever, 30 million unemployed, impeached but not exonerated, yup he is doing a bang up job. Everybody keep repeating the same thing but don’t list 1 thing. I have a question Where is his Healthcare Plan that he said he was going to have on day 1 when he came in office that would be better than Obama’s?

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