Tiger face mask

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They were told to lie to the public. Tiger face mask. Or their families would be harmed just like here in the U.S.

Tiger face mask

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mask- pic 1

Suicide is quickly surpassing covid death numbers. Tiger face mask. Numbers surpassing? 70,000 people have committed suicide in the last two months? What version of Dumb is this? So even before anyone else in the US knew about covid19 (other than our president, they were committing suicide because of it? Were they soothsayers? That’s a fantastic story Mark. I’ll believe the actual CDC website. Not CNN or apple news. How embarrassing you post that garbage. you obviously didn’t read it. Yes it is. You’re a liar too. Why do people think they can just lie on social media. Oh wait, they see that CNN lies everyday. Melinda Clowers sadly enough suicide is on the rise, but living in Russia is rough. Probably got pushed! it’s been on the rise. People keep saying “with everything going on right now” like it was all rosy and perfect last year. Ironic how the ones saying not enough PPE available are the ones who “Fell” out of hospital windows….they are the warnings to anyone else who would dare to say anything bad about Putin’s Russia. The sheep will say its a new symptom and good reason to stay shut down until all this goes away. Yeah from the same country that sent men into a hot nuclear reactor without proper equipment. Seeing their clothes are still in the Chernobyl hospital basement to radiated to be removed that should tell you how Russian Healthcare works.

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