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Stop saying he didn’t act immediately. Tiger king. He cut off travel from China while Shumer and Pelosi both said.

Tiger king

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It was premature to do so and Biden called him xenophobic for it. Tiger king. Stop repeating that lie I’m shocked how many Americans are brainwashed by the Liberal media industrial complex. A great job of what lying? We could have been a lot more proactive. Kenya got their first case recently. They have shut down the country and have a national curfew. His loyalists said this was some hoax by the Dems. We could have been much better prepared but he only cares about the Dow!!! Lety Montes Delgado remember in January when he was putting the task force together a week later Nazi Pelosi was handing out gold plated impeachment pens. Think about it. Forget about Trump. They were advised by the previous administration that a pandemic was going to happen. They disbanded the department. This administration ran a simulation this time last year with disastrous results…they ignored it. With all of the outbreaks happening around the world…this President holds rallies and jokes about it. You act as if banning China is all he has to do. I beg of him to sit down and shut up. Let the experts handle it. People are dying. He did nothing. He fired the pandemic experts in 2018. He fired an American government expert stationed in China, July 2019 who would have warned us much sooner. His incompetence cost many lives. he did shut down travel from China 6 weeks ago. It’s all he did.

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