Tigger 3D Hoodie, Zip Hoodie

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One idot from this post text my phone say I got you number through facial recognition and you will regret for your posting against gay. Tigger 3D Hoodie, Zip Hoodie. Why don,t you get out of the closet and show your face idiot. Walter White marriage is a religious thing, strict religious people don’t believe people should be gay.

Tigger 3D Hoodie, Zip Hoodie

Zip Hoodie
Tigger 3D Zip Hoodie
Tigger 3D Hoodie- front
Tigger 3D Hoodie- back

How are you surprised? People can deny their work to anyone, “religious freedom” has nothing to do with it. It’s really an excuse, they don’t need to give a reason. I agree with the trans not being able to serve, it’s a privilege to serve not a right. What you’re trying to explain is that everyone should cater to you. If they don’t want your business, take your money to someone that does. Can’t get married in your state, cross into another one and get married. What you’re mentioning is religious equality, I’m an atheist, do you think Christians think highly of me either? lol. I’m talking about human equality, there are zero laws that apply to you and not me or vice versa. Gay people don’t face oppression? Gay kids in schools aren’t committing suicide? Tigger 3D Hoodie, Zip Hoodie. Gay kids aren’t being lynched for something they can’t control? Get over yourself.Pam Smock nope! U and no one else will continue to for their agenda and leave us hanging n the wind looking like idiots. Fight for your own like we’ve had to fight for by ourselves. Karen R. Adir Oh boy. How unintelligent do you have be to imply there are no gay people in the black community. Girl just stop talking. Pam Smock is that all u have? It’s sad that you’re angry. Guess what? I do NOT care.

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