Time spent with dogs and beer is never wasted vintage poster



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Christine SarabandoLisa Kemmis I commend you Lisa. This should not have been the way. I too did a Bachelor’s and MBA all whule working one full time and 2 part time jobs wirh a 15 credit per semester, in person courseload. Granted, I did not have children or a husband but did have a mortgage and student loans that I am chipping away at. Brava, sister. Be proud, your son is and you are a great mother and a shining example for all. 6 . Gabriella SmithLisa Kemmis WELL GOOOOOD FOOOOR YOU … ANYWAYS IN REAL LIFE $25.00 HR FLIPPING BUGERS AND RETAIL STORES ,.. YEAH .. WE LIVING WAGERS DESIVER WAY BETTER .. Pause GIFGIPHY . Asif BhayaniLisa Kemmis so you have made bad decisions in life and are seeking forgiveness? 4 . Shannon D KeithLisa Kemmis me too.1 . Patsy McMichaelLisa Kemmis … I am in the same boat. I fell for the “Upgrade your knowledge and job skills for the second half of your working life….make more money” so I went back to college. Boy, do I wish I hadn’t….it was a scam that I am still paying toward after 20 years…..and my balance has gone down 10k in those 20 years of paying.6  Time spent with dogs and beer is never wasted vintage poster

Time spent with dogs and beer is never wasted vintage poster

Linnea BodenhamerSame boat1 . Georgianna LeeLisa Kemmis I paid for my own as I went along and I never had any student debt. Just took me longer is all. And quit thinking others are supposed to pay for someone elses education. PAY YOUR OWN WAY OR GET A JOB FIRST AND GO NIGHTS. I LOOKED AT MENS JOBS AND IF TGEY CAN TURN A SCREWVWITH A SCREWDRIVER SO COULDN’T I. My father said there were no men’s or women’s work, ONLY WORK. If you think you can do it then do it. The only thing I knew I Couldn’t do was brain surgery. 3 . JoJo NorwoodLisa Kemmis same here. 591 . Jenny MatthewsLisa Kemmis I’m right there with you 1 . Randall DormanShouldn’t that be on you for lack of research into the school you chose, the career you chose, the payment schedule you chose…. you said you wanted to get out of a dead end job (which there are none of those if you actually have work ethic, but I won’t get into that)…. now you have a professional dead end job apparently and want the citizens around you to supplement your choices?Could you have gone to a cheaper school? Could you have picked a better paying career at the same school with the same projected graduation date? If you answered yes to either of those then you only need to look in the mirror to find the problem…Universities charge too much, I won’t deny that, but most people go to expensive universities for careers that don’t need a prestigious name on your diploma in order to impress the recruiter.You said you worked weekends in order to raise your teenage son while you were in school, do you perhaps now have a college age adult that you are trying to assist with their university mistakes? Is that why you’re broke? Why not teach them by your bad example and show them a community college which would be free on the FAFSA grant?1  Time spent with dogs and beer is never wasted vintage poster

Time spent with dogs and beer is never wasted vintage poster

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