Tina belcher quarantina coronavirus shirt, tank top and sweatshirt

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Republicans and Democrats were counting on for-profit healthcare to be their new CASH COW. The war machine isn’t making money like it used to, people are wise to the for-profit incarceration scam. Making profits off sick Americans was going to be the new stock market gold rush. Tina belcher quarantina coronavirus. Look how health stocks rallied when Joe won Super Tuesday. They care about stock investments and zero about us. During this crisis there has been a segment of people that have been largely overlooked, and it could be disastrous if not addressed. Please consider signing my petition to make student loan payments tax deductible 100%. I know, we need student debt forgiveness. But that’s not likely to happen anytime soon. At least this would give those of us impacted by the coronavirus and the ensuing economic crisis some form of relief.

Tina belcher quarantina coronavirus shirt

Tina belcher quarantina coronavirus women v-neck
women v-neck
Tina belcher quarantina coronavirus sweatshirt
Tina belcher quarantina coronavirus tank top
tank top

Look all you folks out there that HATE the idea of Democratic Socialism, listen up! Capitalism is a failure! Every 10 years or so Socialism has to be called upon to bail out all these so called Capitalist who squander their resources embezzle their assets , put into hock OUR future, so they can live a life of leisure at OUR expense, they pay little or NOTHING in taxes leaving We The working class to burden their failures, Tina belcher quarantina coronavirus. Time for the roles to change, they have all the capital ,they can pay the taxes, We do the work, we live tax free for the next decade or two, we throw the lobbyists out of Washington, and enact term limits, I bet this country could turn around, but until we the people grow some courage to stand up against our Corporate Masters and force the election of someone NOT beholden to Billionaires and Corporations, we are doomed to repeat the last 30 years over n over n over

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