To My Daughter Dad Poster

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Anna Angelica Tretko no one is shoving anything in your face. To My Daughter Dad Poster. You make a choice what to watch, only you.

To My Daughter Dad Poster

To My Daughter Dad Poster - A4
Poster – A4
To My Daughter Dad Poster - A3
Poster – A3
To My Daughter Dad Poster - A2
Poster – A2

Don’t put your intolerance on us, Dude.. Just because we’re not tolerant of your opinion is your issue. I don’t teach them to hate. I teach them it is wrong. Thank God they are smart kids and none of them have fallen for the devils liberal lies. In the eyes of children yes. Why should I be put in a position to explain that commercial to 5 year old. Time and place for everything! There’s nothing degenerate about LGBTQ, but when threatened with erasure and destruction, we will attack, and with vulgarity, and full force. You are better off simply accepting the existence of people not like you. What you are is a wannabe, a punk, and guys like you are utterly defenceless without “yer guns”.I’m sure Jeff already dresses, like Lindsay Graham does….they just rail against all the things they secretly do in private. How do you feel about adults that find themselves in “love” with underage children? To My Daughter Dad Poster. Do you accept all lifestyle choices, including pedophilia? You are confusing not shielding them from reality and natural love with corruption. Nobody is going to “turn gay” by seeing this. All gay people grew up seeing straight people kissing and more, and are still gay. What’s your point? If equal representation is “shoving it in your face”, then you are a hypocrite. Change the channel and keep your kids in the dark ages. And you’re also “okay” w/networks showing pedophiles “loving” on underage children as well? It is a lifestyle choice…equal representation for all…right?

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