To My Husband I’m Not Perfect Mug

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Yes u are definitely living in a democracy. To My Husband I’m Not Perfect Mug. The same democracy which voted for Modi but SS ruled in Maharashtra.

To My Husband I’m Not Perfect Mug

To My Husband I'm Not Perfect Mug- white mug
Mug- white mug
To My Husband I'm Not Perfect Mug- magic mug
Mug- magic mug

It’s not students vs regime… it less than 2% population versus the rest….. democracy is a winner… learn to accept the majority in a democracy… this is the same mentality that non democracies have… my way orthe highway… democracies learn to accept and respect the majority decision. In what way Students r concern? They r misguided. Since ages people USE Students in all countries becoz they don’t think. They feel happy they r heros for the time being. Listen, if you think that anybody at all managed to get more than 100 universities in India to launch a revolt altogether on the 16th of December by misguiding them with such coordination and precision, you need to get the logistics straight. The students are protesting because they are being beaten and killed all over the country. Currently four are dead, at least 22 are missing, hundred are injured. To My Husband I’m Not Perfect Mug. Gumma they are not misleaded they have the capacity to think over the religion. If anyone is misleaded it is first you people who just believe what whatsapp university says. Read about it. Do anyone supporting CAA and NRC know what it is and how it is going to affect each one of you? It is not just about the migrants, it is about how they are pushing this bill to target the existing muslims in the country. As per NRC, you need to submit documents that you or your parent were living here before 1971. Due to any reason if you are unable to submit the proof of this 50 year old documents(it is not easy as you think), be it birth certificate or school certificate or other documents of your parents or grand parents, according to NRC you are out of the register.

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