To My Wife I’m Not Perfect Mug

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And if you are a Hindu or few other religions listed in the bill and you are living in the country or or before 2014 you will be included in the registry. To My Wife I’m Not Perfect Mug. And if you are Muslim, you will be labeled as migrant and would be send to detention camps.

To My Wife I’m Not Perfect Mug

To My Wife I'm Not Perfect Mug- white mug
Mug- white mug
To My Wife I'm Not Perfect Mug- magic mug
Mug- magic mug

In Assam when they implimented NRC, 19 lakh people were out of the register and 12 lakh were non-muslims only. As per the current amendment they are safe but Muslims will be thrown out. Dont you think it is discrimination. Those who don’t have name in that, all of them are not migrants. Like how hindus failed to prove it, similarly muslims might have also failed to submit these 50 year old documents. Out of 130 crore people living in this country how many people would be able to submit these documents? This is how BJP targeting Muslims. Amit shah only said in the parliament that NRC would be implemented across the country. So this is not only their problem it can be your problem also. If today it is Muslims, tomorrow it can be someone else also. So we shouldn’t allow this kind of religion based discrimination in our secular democratic country. To My Wife I’m Not Perfect Mug. There is nothing to do with Pakistanis or Bangladeshis here. BJP and its IT cell are diverting attention from the real problem and focusing only about illegal migrants. These students, if they succeed, would have secured your fundamental rights as much as anyone else’s – with their “immaturity.” I also want to let you know that these are not just student protests as they are being made out to be.

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