To My Wife Blanket

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I hear the No Good Democrats are already triggered and protesting in the streets over the photoshopped photos of Superman. To My Wife Blanket. They are calling for a full investigation.

To My Wife Blanket

To My Wife Blanket- youth
Blanket- youth
To My Wife Blanket- x large
Blanket- x large
To My Wife Blanket- large
Blanket- large

What a travesty! Charles Francis Joseph Killian you do realize that it’s his post. Being a malignant narcissist make one do things like that. The Trump Cult is so gullible. We have your back President Trump. Keep up the great work and please get some rest. You deserve a break. 4 more years Trump/Pence 2020. To My Wife Blanket. Still Impeached, Still Corrupt, Still a Liar. 1st job . Fire those people that dare to give evidence against me … smh this is the person you look up too. Aaron Russo and Nigel Curtis are foreign trolls. They should be trying to straighten up there own countries and leave The United States to American’s to worry about. Thank you. Now people look at our older generation who have lived I mean lived through so many movements changes and seen the best and worst politicians in her lifetime and for her to say that about Trump is true good for her stand strong mad’am and tell it like it is bravo. Amazing President! Still smiling and making us laugh through all the fire and brimstone from Dems….Love It!! I am so sorry and I apologize for all you have to endure from the demonic people. I thank you for remaining strong and not giving up on your great work for the USA. May God Bless You, and Protects You, Your Family and all those working for the well-being of the USA!

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