To my dad son biker poster

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Once again the Curmudgeon from Kentucky hurts the most vulnerable; us. To my dad son biker poster. Please Kentucky, replace this selfish old man with any of the people running for his seat. Remember this is the same guy who after hearing testimony from a 911 first responder who was dying of cancer in support of continued funding for first responders who became sick after working at Ground Zero said: “I don’t know what all the fuss is about”! McConnell truly takes the term despicable to a new level

To my dad son biker poster

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Uh this article is a month old. Why feel compelled to gravedig old news, when instead we could be reiterating and get his opinions from this week. Start DOING something quit trying to only get your base angry. The creep just wants to give money closer to election time to claim the dems held it back and now he is releasing it out of his love for the working person, total sociopath. To my dad son biker poster. The masks have been mandatory since January and until two weeks ago only one person per household could leave at any time for shopping. It makes a difference- wear your masks, wash your hands or carry a small supply of alcohol or disinfectant and use it liberally as I do. Stay away from others, and stop thinking that’s a large price to pay. You can live with some financial hardship but many cannot live with SARS-COV-2 because they are obese, diabetic or suffering from some other comorbid condition and may not even know it. What you do today might affect a member of your own family if your not careful.

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