To My Dad And Mom Daughter Poster

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Eduardo Kardum because Putin is a clever tyrant.To My Dad And Mom Daughter Poster. Trump is a gullible manchild who is president and wishes he could rule like Putin.

To My Dad And Mom Daughter Poster

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Poster – A4
To My Dad And Mom Daughter Poster - A3
Poster – A3
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Poster – A2

Putin is not our friend.Remember his hyper sonic missile animation the nuclear missile is headed for the USA huh! Eduardo Kardum have you ever served in the US military by chance? Anyone, left or right, who has ever served, knows that Russia is never ever ever ever to be trusted. Never. Ever. Seriously, nobody should be ok with this little friendship they have going on. Nugent the Russians are never to be trusted. They will never be our allies. They wouldn’t reciprocate because one of their greatest goals is to bring the US to their knees. Their government is a direct continuation of the Soviet Union. But yeah, it’s the American left that loves communism. Yet US is the only country that used nukes to kill people, not Russia. To My Dad And Mom Daughter Poster. Also, last August US tested new ballistic missile after exiting INF treaty. US isn’t saint. I’m pretty sure that Russian/US and US/Russian co/ops have been to the benefit of nost the globe whether or not it is recognized. Planet People peace then politics. So if you’re keeping score, Russia trusts American Intelligence agencies but your president doesn’t. What makes you say that? Intelligence agencies and official advises the president but it is the president who determines policy, especially foreign policy. The very same intelligence agencies were dead wrong about Saddam Hussein having WMDs so they’re not infallible. As soon as Trump is elected, the same people suddenly call the intelligence agencies honest, brave heroes. The hypocrisy is sickening and grotesque. Feck off.

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