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I have often wondered how successful all these rehabilitation schemes we are told would be more beneficial than proper life sentences are- seems I can see that now. To My Mom Your Son Poster. Martin and what about all those who have completed programs who don’t go on to reoffend?

To My Mom Your Son Poster

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Do we just write them off saying that they are actually not rehabilitated? One incident does not undo the work put in and value of these programs for many others. Might be okay for petty criminals but de radicalising a serious fundamentalist- who are already masters of deception to be living and functioning within the societies they are placed? can’t imagine rehabilitation is possible tbh ! So goes to show rehabilitation does not work and these people need to be in prison for life and I mean life not let out in 10 years. He obviously knew what he was doing. Going along with the rehab, making out he was willing to be a better person, gets out early. To My Mom Your Son Poster. That sort of fanaticism is difficult to unlearn, it’s cult-like I think there are de-programming methods, but how effective they are? How much money from our taxes goes on this? It is seriously unbelievable that we have so many people here that hate this country and its culture. It also depends on whether his last year in prison was a full year, and not just part of it. If so, it would have been less than six years. He was arrested in 2010, doesn’t state whether he was on remand during that 2 years before sentencing.

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