Toothless Christmas Light shirt and hoodie

Do you want it? Toothless Christmas Light. Full color, available in a few days. Buy it today before we sell out.



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Jon Roblez no the Dems just get away with murder. Toothless Christmas Light. Hillary should be in prison and everyone that was with her should be there too. But no she’s out there laughing and having a good ole time. No remorse, no asking for forgiveness. Both sides are so messed up right now, there will never be a right ending to any of this. This crap will just keep going on an on and in the end who get hurt?

Toothless Christmas Light shirt and hoodie

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Toothless Christmas Light hoodie

Just us people out here! You know reading all of this and the bashing your trying to do to me makes me laugh. Proves some of you are no better or different then those in congress. No one can have a decent conversation or let others have their opinions. Sad isn’t it! Butcher no when you use campaign funds with your spouse to the tune of which they did no one did anything to these people but their greedy selves. The witch hunt he claimed over and over that turn into a guilty plea then conviction and now jail Pepper you must be unable to read! Toothless Christmas Light. The only people who are at risk of losing their food stamps are able bodied single people under 40 with no children! So please explain to me, why are you upset that President Trump wants them to work 20 hrs a week to be eligible to keep their freebies! Pepper keep drinking the Democratic dumb down juice! NBC Nightly news showed the exact requirements last night! And they are the requirements I said earlier! That is not the only impacted group that just supports your elitist attitude.

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