Toronto maple leafs filter face mask

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In Iowa if you don’t return to work when your recalled your kicked off unemployment. So people are not setting around collecting unemployment instead of working. . Really senators think that $600.00 a week is a lot of money? Have these idiots been to the grocery store? Toronto maple leafs filter face mask. Do they have a clue how much food prices alone have increased not to say rent/mortgages, utilities, gas prices, car payments, maintenance, clothes for their children. Catch a clue you privileged, clueless buffoons

Toronto maple leafs filter face mask

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face mask – detail

The notion that state assistance makes people lazy or demotivates them from working is totally antiquated nonsense based on highly distorted and biased presumption. There have been numerous studies showing that basic income and similar programs have tremendous economic and sociological benefits. Toronto maple leafs filter face mask. In any case, to put the importance of money over the welfare and lives of its citizens, that’s what capitalism has become if you can even still call it that. Greed and exploitative indifference at the top, and you know where it rolls. That’s the nation we live in.  I am actually more in favor of paying people a higher percentage of the salary they earned. It’s true that some of us that have to go back to work are getting much less than $600 a week. It should be dependent on the number of hours you worked and the wage you earned. I work full time and earn poverty wage. I can’t go on unemployment because I have been offered my job.

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