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This article is wrong. Totoro 3d face mask. They are basing the r0 on hospitalization.

Totoro 3d face mask

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mask- pic 1

50-80% of people, have no symptoms. So without massive testing, there is no way to know. But it’s over 2. you obviously know more than the professional scientists. R1 is when an infected person infects one other. Below R1 the infected population is getting less which is good. Totoro 3d face mask. If the infection rate is increasing the death rate will also increase. The lockdown should never have been lifted even slightly. The public do not use their common sense. I work in a poorer area and the people are everywhere and totally ignoring the lock down. Just visit a supermarket in these areas to see this. The conspirator always writes the script of destruction very cleverly and simply. Without thinking, we consider this script to be beneficial and we start following it, and also force others to follow this script. Is there a conversation between the World Health Organization and the Corona virus about the rules? Seeing a distance of more than two meters, will the corona virus succeed in infecting us? Is there an agreement between the mask and the corona virus? Has Mask bribed leaders, journalists, physicians and nursing personnel? If not, instead of doing research work, why are leaders, journalists, doctors selling masks? Are leaders, doctors and journalists starting a mask business? Will the mask protect you from infected people? If the mask and the distance of one meter can save us from the infection of the corona virus, then scientists should start the business of making masks.

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