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I don’t think this was an accident. It’s more than fog. He flew this path the day before, yet the flight that sun showed him turning in towards the mountains. Not much has been said about the pilot. Toyoda Baby Yoda. There’s more to this story than meets the eye. You don’t decend that fast and quick even w fog. I dont think it’s mechanical either. It almost seems on purpose. Wonder if any biz deals didn’t get finalized?!. Cuz imo kobe and gigi were the targets.

Toyoda Baby Yoda T-shirt and Hoodie

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On purpose? You speak with so much certainty as if you knew the man. Please respect these people’s worth. The sht ppl say on this site is beyond me. Karla Massey definitely agreed but I think he was the target everyone else was just in the way but when a job has to be done , it’s done, it’s very strange the more they keep finding what happened especially with the helicopter not having safety equipment which would of helped them, it’s strange but extremely sad, it’s fathers , children and a mother who are gone, God bless him. Ok so you’re saying the pilot was on a suicide mission just because Kobe was on board? Toyoda Baby Yoda. He might have been a celebrity but he wasn’t ‘important’ enough to wipe out. Anthony Coleman good question but there’s a reason they dont speak of him much nor any family come forward for him like the others who spoke about their lives ones. his name is in both kobe and gigi name. Just w out the letter z. But something isnt right about the crash.

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