Toyoda Hoodie, T-shirt and Sweatshirt

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But it’s possible on suicide. Anything is possible w this crash. The flight path turned left and wrapped around into mountains. Regardless of fog it was as if it was going back the way it came. Then it fell from the sky. Yet copper is shown fully functional but it’s pointed down at angle. And it was high impact. Toyoda Hoodie. This is not an accident.

Toyoda Hoodie, T-shirt and Sweatshirt

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Karla Massey I find it odd that nobody is saying much about the pilot either or his family but carry on its very strange everyone else’s family has decided to speak up and create gofundmes every one except the pilot family we don’t even know what the pilots family look like. Richie Ganjaman Butterson Kim kardashian is a celebrity, Kobe Bryant was a worldwide known basketball superstar. He wasnt just a celebrity. Karla Massey Kobe Bryant was featured in the news for feuding with a Big pharmaceutical company. The very words that main stream used, Hi tech pharmaceutical. They had been in battle sometime, but were finally going to trial. The CEO, of the pharma company, Jared Wheat had been indicted on 18 criminal charges, including Money laundering. Toyoda Hoodie. Karla Massey did you ever think maybe the pilot had a medical problem. Or something went wrong with the helicopter. I think you watch to many murder mysteries.

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