Triumph rolling stones face mask

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Joe Biden supporters are just as bad as reality-denying Trumpers. Triumph rolling stones face mask. Everything against Joe Biden is dismissed as right-wing propaganda in the same way that anything anti-Trump is dismissed as liberal conspiracy. They refuse to acknowledge anything that negates their delusion. Ignorance is the enemy and Idiot America swings both ways.

Triumph rolling stones face mask

Triumph rolling stones face mask - detail
face mask – detail

Heyy sleepy Joe Biden the American people doesn’t want you to be president they need someone that knows how to talk to the American people not someone that can’t put 2 words together and can’t even hold a conversation with anyone with out saying something different from the conversation. Triumph rolling stones face mask. The American people need someone that they can understand not someone that start to talk and then he forget what he was talking about. So sleepy Joe Biden go learn how to talk and learn how to put 2 words together. If Biden wins the progressive movement is stalled for at least eight years, if he loses its only stalled for four. You guys picked the one candidate that makes Trump the better option.

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