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Dreadlocks are more natural than chemical hair relaxers and straightening combs, which I would need to use in order to have “professional” hair, according to you. True Romance Poster. But I maintain my locks without harsh chemicals or straighteners.

True Romance Poster

True Romance Poster - A4
Poster – A4
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Poster – A3
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Poster – A1

My natural hair is mid back, now. It does nothing to take away from my professionalism. I have locs and work as an executive assistant to the chair of a department at a hospital. True Romance Poster. Locs for black people can be both spiritual and/or a means of managing our natural hair. If I had loose strands and chose to braid, twist, or wear an Afro, would those also be “extreme” styles? How large of an Afro would be too large? Asking black people to conform to beauty standards that were set by white people results in discrimination. There is nothing extreme about black hair and the different ways that we style our hair in its natural state. You can’t compare locs to neon colors. They aren’t even remotely the same. Even by your own analogy the people in charge have NO right to cut another’s hair. The proper action by your scenario would have been to take the person aside, explain the rules and why they’re important, and go from there. In reality and in your example, cutting another’s hair crosses a line. I seem to recall reading lately that a law was passed about discriminating against hair so what’s going on here. So you’re saying the people who grow this hair naturally out of their head which cannot be helped and have styles to protect their hair type that aren’t harming anything or anyone are playing victims ?

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