Trump 2020 keep america great face mask

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Your daily reminder, ladies and gentlemen, that these people vote. Trump 2020 keep america great face mask. Worse yet, they assert that “All Lives Matter” and yet, can’t be bothered to suffer the most minute of inconveniences for the betterment of their community.

Trump 2020 keep america great face mask

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If Floridians don’t know how to vote, what makes you think they’ll know how to put on a mask , specially with the governor they have. If it wasn’t for comments I would have nothing to look forward during this lock down….,,,all stay self and healthy during this crisis……wash your hands and love thy neighbor…preferably with a mask. People are saying don’t make up excuses for not wearing the mask but there’s something to think about just saw a Dr on TV talking with no mask on and wasn’t 6 feet away from the reporter. It really only takes a simple google search to know the common cold or flu is not comparable to and is not as deadly (or damaging to the lungs) as COVID-19. Trump 2020 keep america great face mask. You can also become infected through the eyes. I agree, masks are worth wearing, but they’re hardly a guaranteed protection. Wearing a mask 8+ hours a day is the problem. You should be changing them out hourly. Ummm only takes seconds to hand was..oh, your mommy not there to do it for you. Common sense… don’t make me laugh. those things are as dirty as your hands unless you change them after everything you do. Let’s stay on topic with the VIRAL virus. We’re estimated to have around 1,500 bacteria living on each square centimetre of skin on our hands. Areas such as underneath the fingernails and between the fingers often harbour even more.

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