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Stop talking about it and do it already.. Keeping our voting system legit by requiring a ID, sounds reasonable to me. I don’t get this. This suppression of the vote is undemocratic and the action of sczred old white men. I am an old white man and I think my peer group is in a panic about lsing some of their advantage. Fear is a strange bedfellow.. FIGHT Sinema, Manchin and the others who are helping Republicans do this.. This has gone way too far. The Republian’s, are crazy. Out of thier ever living minds. We need to put an end to this voter Suppresson. I support Senater Bernie Sanders, get the ” For the People Act ” bill in place.. If you are a legal American citizen and registered to vote, do NOT allow anyone to take that right away from you. These attempts to suppress our right to vote should make us more determined than ever to cast our votes. Trump 2024 make votes count again flag

Trump 2024 make votes count again flag

How about we restrict the vote to ONLY those who admit that the constitution of the USA makes the USA a representative DEMOCRACY and respect it as one?. The question is what are we able to do on the city and district level to make sure no matter what restrictions they put on voting at the state level that we get people to the polls? we have to get these people away from our voting rights to fix this mess.. A more appropriate word than “suppression” would be “security”.. Boy, those Republicans are sure a scared and frightened bunch! Afraid of Trump, afraid of Voters, afraid of Jan 6, can’t be elected for Dog Catcher as they are probably afraid of animals! Nothing they should be elected to do!!. Maybe republicans are losers and greedy plus very evil man violence against human rights. Vote them out the offices. We the people have the rights to vote at home by mail. Trump 2024 make votes count again flag

Trump 2024 make votes count again flag

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