Trump 2020 keep america great face mask

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So you want 4 years of progressive success stories like the riots, looting and arson in Portland, Seattle and Chicago? Trump 2020 keep america great face mask. This will be a close election, still a long time left.

Trump 2020 keep america great face mask

Trump 2020 keep america great face mask- pic 1
face mask- pic 1

Remember 2016, the polls said it was over. The polls in 2016 didn’t look good at all for Trump even in the days before the election. Unfortunately for Biden there is a lot of silent support for Trump, social media criticism of Trump doesn’t reflect the total opinion. a lot of silent support. 3 in my family are registered Democrats. If there were any chance of getting a Biden vote from us it ended with his vp choice of Kamala Harris. Trump 2020 keep america great face mask. 28,000,000 votes weren’t even counted. They found them after the elections were over. Not to mention there were illegals and dead people voting. If they did trump would not be president – guaranteed. That was the problem…hopefully ppl learned their lesson…every vote counts. unfortunately you are wrong. There is a reason we have the electoral college, to prevent what Clinton did, concentrate on the states with large populations and ignore the rest. It doesn’t reflect it at all, I also follow Fox News on social media and the support for Trump over there lol is relentless, they do not play games with supporting their guy and all of his policies, even his handling of the Rona, Nov 3 must be a day to make a statement, EVERYONE needs to go out and vote, EVERYONE, no one can stay home that day, it’ll probably be the most important day of our political lifetime, it will determine sooo much.

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